Yearbook Photographers Needed!

We produce a wonderful yearbook every year that features all of the events and activities throughout the year. However we only have a staff of one (at this time) that produces the yearbook, so it is critical that we receive pictures from parents, teachers and students. The company we use to produce our yearbook is TreeRing and they really make it super easy to contribute. They provide an iPhone app that you can install and easily upload photos from your phone or you can browse to the website from your Android device to upload or you could upload from your computer. Below are the steps on how to registered and start uploading!

  1. Download iPhone app and follow these instructions for registering (if you haven’t already) Our school code is: 1014782052532026 If you don’t have an iPhone, you can go directly to the TreeRing website to register.
  2. Once you have registered you can pre-order a yearbook or upload photos. Here are the instructions for uploading from a browser or computer. Here are the instructions for uploading from the iPhone app (they start about halfway down the page)
  3. Under Share Photo, there will be folders to help organize the photos. Pick the closest matching folder to add your pictures. If you’re not sure, select Miscellaneous and we will find the right location for them.

If you pre-order your yearbook by Sept. 30th you will receive 15% off the $20 list price of the yearbook. And if you pre-order before April 2020, you will be able to create 2 free custom pages for your child’s yearbook (just for them!)

You can see a sample of last years 2018-19 book here

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