The Blue Heron PTA Board has decided to start recognizing a Volunteer(s) of the Month (VOM) for each month of the school year.  A spotlight of the Volunteer of the Month will appear in the newsletter and website. They will receive a PTA pin of their choice and have access to the share parking spot with Watch D.O.G.S for the month.

Blue Heron Elementary is fortunate to have a very active and involved community. Many of our volunteers silently raise their hands to support the school in many ways – from the classroom to our special community events. The PTA would like to acknowledge the efforts and impact our volunteers make throughout the year. If you know someone who has made a significant contribution to our school and has had a positive impact through his/her volunteer efforts during this month, please email them to for a chance to recognize their efforts. The board will vote on the VOM for the previous month at the next board meeting.

If you would like to get involved in the upcoming Blue Heron PTA community events, we would love to have you!

Note: Click on each link to read more about our VOMs and why they choose to volunteer.

Sept 2020 – Ashlie Hovland

March 2020 – Chanelle Diaz

Feb 2020 – Kari Strand

Jan 2020 – Christie Hensley

Nov 2019 – Yasmin Servoss

Oct 2019 – Erin Sheftel

Sept 2019 – Melissa Kirkpatrick