Student/Parent VIP Dance

Dance attire is semi-formal and an opportunity to have a fun night out with a family member. Blue Heron Students will behave courteously, act responsibly, possess good manners and follow the code of conduct.

Blue Heron Student and Adult Guest agreement of Code of Conduct

· I will behave courteously, act responsibly, and possess good manners.
· I will use controlled and appropriate language. I will not use vulgar, profane, or obscene language or gestures.
· I will not smoke or use tobacco products at the dance event.
· I will not use alcohol, drugs, or be associated with or remain in the presence of others when they are being used.
· I will not carry or threaten another person with a weapon, bodily force, or threatening verbal or non-verbal language.
· I will avoid roughness to room furnishings, furniture, equipment, etc. I will be financially responsible for any damage or results of any misconduct.
· I will respect the rights of those attending the dance.
· I will not congregate or spend an unreasonable time in the restrooms.
· I will cooperate and obey the directions of the chaperones during the dance.
· I agree to and will obey the Dancing Behavior Code.

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