Skate City – Root Beer Float

These Blue Heron Skate City Parties are a fundraiser for the school. There is always a PTA chaperone on each bus and at the rink in order to assist younger students. Only Blue Heron students and their families are allowed in for this party. Students can ride the bus to and from the school with the signed permission slip or parents are welcome to drive on their own. Each student is responsible for his or her own permission slip and money, nothing needs to be returned to school or teacher. If your child does not know how to skate, it would be best for a parent to accompany the child as this is not a lesson. Skate City no longer rents the hand-held trainers on wheels. Also, please be aware that Skate City has upgraded all of the arcade games and they no longer take quarters. You need to purchase a re-loadable “game card.”

Permission slip for Bus Ride – The student MUST have this filled out to ride the bus


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