PTA 2020-21 Fundraiser Rundown

Hello Blue Heron Families,

Blue Heron has many fundraisers throughout the year that provide different ways for families to participate in making money to support our school. Last year the PTA sent out a survey to better understand how families would like to give financially to the school. We have done our best to take all your feedback into account, however, like everything else this year, we needed to make adjustments to some original plans.  The finance committee would like to clarify what fundraisers are being planned for the year and what the funds will be used for so that you can have all information when deciding how to contribute financially to our school. 

Why do we need to do these fundraisers????

As many of you know, Colorado schools have needed to make significant budget cuts. The schools do not have the funds to provide everything that they would like to in order to make the best learning environment for our kids. Our teachers work so hard and we want them to be able to purchase anything that they need to give our kids a great education!  The following items have been made possible because of PTA funds:

– 1:1 computers (aren’t we glad we had these for remote learning?!!)

-Proper sized chairs and tables for students 

-Library furniture

-Reading conferences for teachers 

-Additional online and in class workbooks and tools for teachers to use that are not funded by the district 

The following are ideas for how we could put future funds to use:

-STEM makers space 

-Additional math workshops

-More outdoor learning space 

-Update outdated computers to keep 1:1 computer ratio

Planned 2020-2021 PTA fundraisers:

10/28/20 Catalog- a catalog fundraiser will be done online this year. The students will be given a paper catalog to bring home but all purchases and payments will be made online. The school earns 40% of any sales through the catalog. The kids will have an opportunity to win prizes based on how much they sell and all that will be detailed in the catalog. 

5//7/21 Golf tournament and auction- this year we will be hosting a golf tournament and auction at Raccoon Creek.  

May 2021 Run for Funds- last year’s Run For Funds was cancelled last year due to COVID. We hope to be able to have the kids run this Spring!  If this event can happen, the school will earn 60% of the money raised.  If we are unable to make this event happen, we will adjust to put on a Read For Funds. Are you a parent that just wants to write one donation check??  This would be a event for that! 

Other fundraising opportunities:

We have a couple of restaurant nights throughout the year (Chick fil a, Panera, etc). These restaurants typically give 15-20% of the sales back to the PTA. 

We also have many passive fundraising opportunities where we earn money when you purchase items around town!  You can check out the details at the following website:

Please know that the school (separate from the PTA) has fundraisers for specific things. For example, Original Artworks makes money for Art supplies and Scholastic book purchases gives back for reading supplies  at the school. We do our best to separate fundraisers but we know that they can end up close together at times!

We are grateful to have generous families that want the best education for their children and the children in our community. If you have any questions or would like to be on a committee to help with any of these fundraisers, please email

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