Parent Pick Up May 2020

Hello Blue Heron Families,

Attached you will find instructions for picking up your child’s belongings from Blue Heron. Please respect the schedule which has been created to provide protection to all of us as we continue to navigate the pandemic. Some basic expectations are as follows:

  • Pick-up of things at Blue Heron is scheduled Tuesday May 19, Wednesday May 20 and Thursday May 21.
  • The day you come doesn’t matter, but please use the schedule for your assigned time.
  • We are asking that things be picked up by an adult, not the student.
  • All bags are clearly labeled with your student’s name and the name and grade of the teacher.
  • No children on school property during the pickup times unless they are inside a car.
  • If you walk to the school with your family, only one person may approach the area for pick-up. We ask the rest of the group stay on the sidewalks surrounding the lawns of the school building, not near the building.
  • Wear your protective mask as you would at the grocery store.
  • Practice social distancing by having only one person near the bags at a time.
  • If you cannot come during Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday OR if you need assistance because you will have children in the car, we will be delivering from the front entrance on Friday, May 22nd from 9 until 11:30. It is our hope that the vast majority of you can make one of the other days work.
  • It will be difficult for all of us not to hang around on school grounds catching up and socializing. Please expediently come and get your things and then leave campus. We have been very fortunate that as of this email, not of our staff have been sick with Covid-19 but we have had several families who have had it. We all still need to be very cautious and protective as we wind up this school year.
  • Please see the attachment for the schedule  Parent Pickup May 2020.pdf 

Thank you all for your support as we did our best to continue the teaching and learning at Blue Heron during this pandemic. We appreciate you all!

Sandy Burch

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