Fall PTA Membership Drive – Incentive Program!

Our PTA is REACHING for a membership goal of 100% Participation!

We chose this lofty goal because we want to have every family’s voice represented in our PTA. That’s 360 members: 1 PTA member for 1 student enrolled at Blue Heron!

We have confidential scholarships for anyone who requests one. Just check the box Scholarship Needed on the online form or paper form. You can also email the Membership Chair directly.

Please consider becoming a part of our completely volunteer, non-profit organization focused on our KIDS!


To encourage memberships, we are implementing two incentive programs for our Fall Membership Drive! Join the PTA Online Here!

Class participation Prize

Principal for a Day PTA Meeting Drawings

  • We will have three drawings.
  • Every 2019-20 Blue Heron PTA member will be included in each drawing.
    • To allow for processing of new membership applications, application & payment (or scholarship request) must be submitted PRIOR to the membership signup deadlines for the drawing.
    • Membership signup deadlines to be eligible for a drawing:
      • Paper form & check (or scholarship request) – turn in at school by end of day on Wednesday before drawing.
      • Online form & credit card (or email scholarship request) – by noon on the day of the drawing.
      • At meeting with paper form & credit card (or scholarship request):
        • Membership Chair be will available 10 minutes before each meeting to process memberships.
        • Attendees will also be reminded at the beginning of each meeting and will have 10 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to fill out the form and get it (along with payment/scholarship request) to our Membership Chair.
  • Winners will be drawn at PTA meetings (detailed below).
  • You need NOT be present to win.
  • Winners will be contacted via email if not present at the drawing (or thru the school if needed).
  • Winners will be announced on our PTA website, in our PTA newsletter following each meeting and on social media.
  • If a winner declines a prize, a followup drawing will be held as soon as possible with at least 3 executive PTA board members present. After the drawing, the new winner will be contacted as noted above – and then will be announced as noted above.
  • Prizes may be gifted to another Blue Heron family and would need to be communicated to the PTA Membership Chair so we know to whom to provide the prize.

Drawing Dates & Prizes

— Thursday, September 12th – PTA Board Meeting —
Principal for a Day with Sandy Burch

— Thursday, October 17th – PTA General Meeting —
Principal for a Day with Sandy Burch

— Tuesday, November 14th – PTA General Meeting —
Principal for a Day with Sandy Burch

Do you have questions about our Incentive Program? 
Email our Membership Chair!

 Do you have questions about PTA? 
Check out our PTA Membership FAQ or contact our Membership Chair!

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