2020-10-06 - 2020-10-25


  • Start Date 2020-10-06
  • End Date: 2020-10-25
  • Event Category: Events

EXCITING NEWS! Blue Heron will be doing a Halloween Parade this year….virtually! We can’t wait to see those costumes in action!!!

SUBMISSION LINK: https://app.vidhug.com/blue-heron-halloween-parade/rJktMH5ID/record

If you would like to include your child in the Halloween Parade, which will be shared with the school and on our Social Media Page, follow these steps:
1) Record your video in landscape mode (Phone turned sideways)
2) Have your child walk from the left of the screen to the right (this way all the children are walking the same direction, just like a real parade!)
3) Videos should be no longer than 6 seconds.
4) Please keep costumes and backgrounds appropriate for school. (tip: If you are concerned with your child being on social media, have your child wear a costume that has a mask)
5) Upload Video using the link provided above by OCTOBER 25th at 2pm

Most importantly: Have fun! We can’t wait to see your costumes!