Buy a Yearbook, Plant a Tree

Did you know that for every Blue Heron yearbook purchased, the company we partner with to create our yearbooks, plants a tree? In fact last year Blue Heron Elementary planted 199 new trees via Tree for the Future! So pre-order your yearbook now, not only will you save 15% off (until Sept 30th) the $20 list price of an amazing yearbook for your kid, but you’ll also plant a tree!


Are you a PTA or school looking for a yearbook provider?

Let me tell you why we love them:

  • No yearbook commitments or contracts for our school. Bottom line: no leftover books, ever.
  • Every student gets 2 free pages to personalize with their own photos. And they’re printed–IN THE BOOK!
  • This is special: TreeRing plants a tree for every yearbook our parents buy.

If you sign up by going to this link, you’ll get 20% off, thanks to us, wink đŸ˜‰ and we’ll earn free books for Blue Heron Elementary.

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